The Hangboard Doorway Mount

A blank slate to mount your hangboard in just about any doorway, damage free. We can even install your hangboard for you, so you can get training instantly!

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Featured: The Monolith

Our flagship wood hangboard, crafted right here in Fort Collins, Colorado from premium and sustainable poplar wood. The perfect board to make finger strength gains no matter your level.

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Frictitious Hangboards

Hangboards designed to get the most out of your climbing training

Portable AND Mountable Hangboards

The only portable hangboards with mounts for a ridgid training platform

Essential Grip Strength Tools

Finger and grip strength training equipment


  • Absolutely love this doorway mount--been using it for a week now and it's much sturdier than expected. Garret, the owner of Frictitious, had been emailing me back and forth, answering all my questions I had for installing the doorway mount. He was incredibly kind, patient, quick to respond, and gave me detailed instructions....


  • I've tried a lot of hangboards and (the EZ Board) has to be the most versatile hangboard I've ever seen. It works perfectly as a portable board at the crag, and It's bomber on the mounting place at home even with weight added. If you want to keep things simple and have one hangboard that covers all of your bases, the EZ Board is the one to buy....

    - Steven (The Nugget Podcast)

  • This is a fantastic tool (The Pinch) to get rid of one of my weaknesses in bouldering which is a lack of pinch strength. It's very well made and has great versatitlity with the different widths. I can highly recommend the pinch block to anyone who is serious about training for bouldering and/or lead climbing.
    - Lukas

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