Portable AND Mountable Hangboards

The only portable hangboards with mounts for a ridgid training platform

Frictitious Hangboards

Hangboards designed to get the most out of your climbing training

Essential Grip Strength Tools

Finger and grip strength training equipment

  • My friends wanted to try it (The Easy Board) out and they were also amazed by how nice it was. One of my friend had a pretty expensive portable hangboard with a lot of different edges but he liked my Easy Board way more... - Takeshi

  • This hang board (The Easy Board) really has everything you need. An Extremely comfortable jug, perfect variation in sizes of edges, and portability. Not to mention I find the assistance cord very useful for offset pull ups, and for taking some weight off on one handed hangs on the 20mm. Probably won't ever need another hang board.
    - Tanner

  • This is a fantastic tool (The Pinch) to get rid of one of my weaknesses in bouldering which is a lack of pinch strength. It's very well made and has great versatitlity with the different widths. I can highly recommend the pinch block to anyone who is serious about training for bouldering and/or lead climbing.
    - Lukas

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