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The Pinch

The Pinch

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  • 5 main pinch grip variations & a multitude of others
  • Rated climbing cord

The Pinch Block

The old model was featured in Geek Climber's 30 Day Challenge Video. We took renowned Coach Eric Horst's input and designed this block to be versatile, ergonomic and target your thumb and forearm effectively - isolating the tip of your thumb in a wide orientation creates wicked strong pinch strength in a climbing specific way. It might just blow your mind how weak your thumb is! 

Hard maple offers durability and low friction, which means you'll need to squeeze hard even with small weights - convenient! We've incorporated this pinch block into our training here at Frictitious and have been surprised at our progress. You will too.


Hard Wood Maple


5" X 2.5" X 3.5"

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