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The Port-A-Board

The Port-A-Board

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The NEW and improved, ultimate no-hang portable hangboard. 

The Port-A-Board is a versatile, portable hangboard. Train, travel and warm up with this board with more grip varieties than ever. 

Training Features:

    • Edges: 
      • Micros: 10mm, 8mm
      • Standard: 12mm. 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm
      • Open: optimized to train your open grip including 3 finger drags, as well as 2 finger pockets and monos
      • No-Hang Device/Isometrics
        • Perfect length cords extend to lash around dumbells or kettlebells
        • Isometrics by pulling against solid objects
        • Pinches (small, wide and super wide)
        • Warm up for climbing at the crag


         How it works: 

        • All the edges are labeled. Flip the board around so the edge depth label is facing up and you'll have access to that edge.
        • Extend the cord out for more length and creating a slightly in-cut edge for warm up pulls against your foot, or training 
        • Alternatively, hang the Port-A-Board by both cord loops for a flat, level edge 


        Poplar (wood color may vary)


        5.5" x 5" x 1.7"

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        The Ultimate Travel Board

        Pros like Amity Warme use the Port-A-Board for warming up and training alike. Even on big walls!

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