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The Port-A-Board

The Port-A-Board

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Port-A-Board Options

Sold out - looking for an alternative? - check out the highly functional EZ Board


With the Port-A-Board you get a solidly mounted hangboard platform in your home as well as the unique training options that only portable grip trainers offer. This combination will increase the frequency and versatility of your training, both key for developing stronger fingers.

Training Features:

  • Jugs 
  • Edges: 
    • Micros: 6mm, 8mm
    • Standard: 10mm, 12mm. 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, (35mm if you don't fully wrap your fingers around the top)
    • Open: optimized to train your open grip including 3 finger drags, as well as 2 finger pockets and monos
    • No-Hang Device/Isometrics
      • Perfect length cords extend to lash around dumbells or kettlebells
      • Isometrics by pulling against solid objects
      • Pinches (small, wide and super wide)
      • Warm up for climbing at the crag


      The Port-A-Board's mounting system allows you to to seamlessly mount them forward, backward, right side up and up side down, giving you a huge variety of training features in an ultra compact package. The cord holes include "key hole slots" machined directly in the middle of them, which rigidly and solidly interlock with the pin heads of the mounts, in all orientations. 

      Simply pick a training feature, flip the board to the correct orientation, and slide the Port-A-Board onto the mounting pins, and you're training on a completely rigid platform.

      The Port-A-Boards are available in the following combinations, choose one based on your needs: 


      • Port-A-Board (single grip trainer, no mount) ($50)
        • The perfect all around one-hand training tool. 


        • Port-A-Boards + Mounts (as shown in first image) ($120)
          • this gets you a FULLY featured hangboard set up, with so much more training potential. 


        • 2x Port-A-Boards, 2x mounts and 1x backer board ($130)
          • The ultimate at home and portable training package, you put the backer board above a doorway for example and attach the mounts to it, wherever you like! The backer board has rounded corners unlike the one shown and a small logo branded on the front (backer board is approx. 30" x 5" x 3/4" thick Baltic Birch ply)

        As finger strength training continues to evolve, we're confident the Port-A-Board will be the tool you need to evolve with it. 

        Cosmetic defect single port-a-board is the last option shown above, discounted by 40% (they are 100% functional, just not a perfect finish - some dents/chips or small cosmetic cracks) - a great budget option for training. 

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