About Frictitious Climbing

Hello! This is Garret Ehrick and I'm the founder of Frictitious Climbing LLC based in Fort Collins, Colorado.
A bit about me and the company... After growing up in Colorado and attending university in Fort Collins, I took a mechanical engineering job in Indiana where I've spent the last 3 years as a weekend warrior - making as many trips as possible to the famed climbing area in Kentucky: The Red River Gorge.
I went from a complete novice sport climber to an average Joe, but ultimately fell in love with the sport. On my first trip to the Red, I laid my eyes on Amarillo Sunset, a classic and beautiful route, lo and behold I actually climbed it a year later. Funny story - and one to be told in a future blog post. 
Amarillo Sunset - Frictitious Climbing - Real Rock Holds
But it was routes like this, and the beautiful walls and holds of The Red that seemed sculpted for us to climb that inspired this company. Our mission is to make the physical demands of rock climbing accessible to all climbers and while you practice your skill on the rock, give you access to incredible and effective training tools that you'll actually want to use! 
From our innovative portable and mountable training tools like the Easy Board and the Port-A-Boards to our coveted Pinch Block, to our full sized hangboard, Frictitious Climbing has the right training tools for every climber out there.
Whether you're just starting your training for climbing journey, or you're a veteran in the art, we guarantee you'll find all our training tools incredible easy to use, ultra ergonomic, and challenging as you make them.
 Frictitious Climbing _ Fort Collins Colorado
Stay tuned for climbing training tips in our blog, and on our YouTube channel as we share what we've learned through years of training and progressing in the sport of rock climbing.
. . .
All in all, starting a business is a bit like looking at a mountain and deciding you want to climb it, 
you just have to decide where to start. We hope you love our products and just as importantly, our vision.