About Frictitious Climbing

 About me and Frictitious...

I grew up skiing, biking and loving the outdoors in Colorado. After graduating high school I got a mechanical engineering degree at Colorado State University here in Fort Collins. 

I took a job straight out of college in Indiana - as you can imagine or may know, there's not a ton of rock in Indiana, but ironically this is where I got into rock climbing when one of my coworkers drug me to the closest climbing gym - a solid hour away. 

I started top roping a lot and was completely hooked when I started lead climbing. But it wasn't until that same coworker took me on my first trip to the Red River Gorge (the famed sport climbing area in the hills of Kentucky and only 2.5 hours away), that I fell in love with climbing.

I spent a few years as a weekend warrior - making as many trips as possible to the Red. I went from a complete novice to an average joe climber. 

It was routes like Amarillo Sunset, and the beautiful walls of The Red that inspired me to ditch my engineering job and create Frictitious. 


I moved back to Fort Collins in 2018 without a job and launched Frictitious by joining a local maker space where I could bring my ideas to life. Frictitious has evolved so much since our first products and I'm really proud to have built a community around this brand and helped many climbers get into training for the first time, or upgrade their current training equipment.

The Frictitious mission is to create effective training tools that can be used at home, in the gym, and at the crag. We want to help solve climbing training for all levels of climbers with multifunctional, quality products.

Whether you're just starting your climbing journey, or you're a veteran in the sport, we guarantee you'll find all our training tools incredible easy to use, effective, and as challenging as you make them.

All in all, starting a business is a bit like climbing a mountain, you just have to decide where to start. We hope you love our products and just as importantly, the goals and visions Frictitious is pursuing!

- Garret 

P.S. - Feel free to reach out via email or via our chat on our website, we love hearing stories, answering questions, and just getting to know our customers. We also LOVE when people bring us ideas, or want to collaborate!