About Frictitious Climbing

Hello! This is Garret Ehrick and I'm the founder of Frictitious Climbing LLC based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A bit about me and the company... After growing up in Colorado and attending university in Fort Collins, I took a mechanical engineering job in Indiana where I've spent the last 3 years as a weekend warrior - making as many trips as possible to the famed climbing area in Kentucky: The Red River Gorge.

I went from a complete novice sport climber to an average Joe, but ultimately fell in love with the sport. On my first trip to the Red, I laid my eyes on Amarillo Sunset, a classic and beautiful route, lo and behold I actually climbed it a year later. Funny story - and one to be told in a future blog post. 

Amarillo Sunset - Frictitious Climbing - Real Rock Holds

But it was routes like this, and the beautiful walls and holds of The Red that seemed sculpted for us to climb that inspired this company. Our mission is to bring the quality rock in our favorite local areas into our climbing gyms and training. We want to climb real rock and climb it well, which has also inspired some our training products. 

We've set out to find the best rock from geographically similar locations to all of our favorite crags and obtain them in a responsible way. We hand select, inspect and manufacture each hold we make to ensure the quality the rocks deserve and you expect. Climbing on real rock can be humbling but so rewarding, check out our collection of real rock climbing holds and start training in a sport specific, exciting and aesthetic way. See our blog post "Where to Find the Perfect Rock" to learn more about how and where we source our rocks! 




Ditch the plastic, it's making you soft! Grab some real rock climbing holds and don't be caught off guard next time you're at the crag! See our Real Rock Climbing Holds Collections

You may also be psyched on our new ultra portable and packed full of features training device: The Port-A-Edges

These were born out of the desired to actually hold onto tiny holds, instead of fall off of them, as a lot of us (myself included) like to do. Click the link above and check em' out, they're so packed full of features you're bound to love them.


. . .


All in all, starting a business is a bit like looking at a mountain and deciding you want to climb it, 


Frictitious Climbing Real Rock Climbing Holds


you just have to decide where to start. We hope you love our products and just as importantly, our vision.