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Micros Edges

Micros Edges

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Frictitious Micros

Just when you thought that edge was too small to hold, you found the solution. Introducing Frictitious Micros. 

Each micro option comes as a set of two (or get them all for a discounted bundle). Mount them upright for the first challenge, once you own that, flip them over for a 1mm down size and begin the challenge all over again.  

Micro training is specific. Use these close to outdoor season as you need them, they're a great way to switch up your finger training stimulus and they go as small as any sane climber would dare to try. 

Mount them on your doorway mount, under your Frictitious Hangboard, or take your current set up to the next level. 

Sizes and options:

  • 10 & 9 mm set of 2
  • 8 & 7 mm set of 2
  • 6 & 5 mm set of 2
  • The Set - get all three sets micros listed above! 


Mounting screws included.




Aprox. 3.5" x 1" x 0.5"

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