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EZ Board

EZ Board

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EZ Board

We designed the best portable hangboard on the market, and then we made it better with our revolutionary mounting system. From over all form, to it's unique cord system, the Frictitious EZ Board makes portable hangboarding more intuitive, easier, and effective.

It boasts as many edges as larger, standard hangboards which are all quickly accessible in both it's mounted and portable modes. With or without the mount, the EZ Board is THE tool for the progression focused climber. 


  • Edge sets - 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Single center edges - 25mm, 30mm
  • Full-width jug 
  • 6mm rated cord


  • Low profile for easy transportation 
  • New cord system
  • Keyhole slots & mounting plate for a rigid platform


The EZ Board has undergone a major revamp in its evolution from the "Easy Board". From a broader range of edges, to more functionality, the EZ Board is for every level of climber and excels in both its portable and mounted modes. 

New EZ-Adjust Cord System

  • Diamond shaped cord slots completely lock the board at your desired angle
  • The cord slots are centered, allowing the outer edges and "jug" to be at a more ergonomic, wider spacing
  • Pull the cord fully out one side to extend for "no hangs" or warm up more with "sit pulls" by looping around your foot

Mounting System

  • "Keyhole slots" are machined inside the pin holes, these interlock the board onto the mounting pins
  • Easily mount the board in 4 orientations (forward, backward, upright, upside down) to access all training features including the jug
  • The mount includes spaces that allow for tidying of the cords to keep them out of the way - or you can extend the cord for assisting with 1-arm training 



Poplar (wood color may vary)


EZ Board 19" 3.5" 1.75"

Mount 17" 3" .75"

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  • The ultimate portable hangboard

    We packed in as many edges as possible. And if your using the EZ Board to warm up, you'll be greatful for the 25mm deep edges we found to be essential.