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Hangboard 3.0

Hangboard 3.0

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We asked ourselves one essential question when designing this board: 


"What training features are critical for making consistent, long term strength gains that translate to improved climbing performance?"


The answer is simple and encompassed by everything the 3.0 includes, and what it doesn't.




  • Full Width Pull Up Bar Style "Jug"
  • 30mm Uniform Edges
  • 15mm Uniform Edges 
  • 50mm Deep slot 


  • 25mm Full Width Edge
  • 20mm Full Width Edge

The Bottom Line

When it comes to building finger strength, our experience and modern research reveals the following points are keystones in training: 

  • Consistent training
  • High frequency training
  • High quality training
  • Training heavier - on larger edges 

The 3.0 delivers with edges beginning at 30mm and dropping in 5mm increments to 15mm, offering a simple and progressive approach to finger training for climbers at every level. 

Simple is better. The full width, ultra-comfortable 25mm and 20mm rungs let you to test and train with 1 hand in the center or 2 hands at your preferred spacing. 

With custom contours on all our edges, we've eliminated the need for dedicated pockets. Comfortably train pockets and open hand grips on this board.

Train smarter: consistently, frequently, heavier, and try harder with the 3.0. Everything you need, nothing you don't, this board is perfect for progressing into the upper levels of the sport.


Cosmetic Defects: 

(Cosmetic defect version is 100% functional but may have repaired cracks, dents, rough edges that you may want to take some sand paper to. Cosmetic defects can also include repaired edges, and/or imperfect engravings such as the logos or edge depth numbers.) 


Poplar (wood color may vary)


23"  X  7.25"  X  2.25"

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The Hangboard 3.0

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Everything you need, nothing you don't.