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Doorway Mount Pulley

Doorway Mount Pulley

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We've seen the benefits of pulley-assisted training and wanted to make it available to everyone.

Training with a pulley assist is not just for advanced level climbers, it's a simple way to make incremental and measured adjustments to your training. 

Take weight off your body by attaching one end to your harness and the other to a weight for assisting and progressing your weakest 2 hand grips. 

Alternatively, use your free hand and a weight for assisted one arm edge training required for higher level climbing. 

We specifically offer this pulley because it has actual bearings inside it. Unlike cheaper pulleys, when you put 20lbs on it, you'll get exactly 20lbs of assistance taken off your body weight. 

This is great for accurate, incremental training, which is exactly what you need for building finger strength. 


Whats Included 

  • High Quality Pulley

  • Cord 
  • Clevis pin for mounting directly on doorway mount as shown
  • Small cord loop (see last image) to hang anywhere

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