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All-new from Frictitious Climbing and The Nugget Podcast. 

The NUG covers all the essentials for effective climbing training in a convenient, portable package. Whether at the crag, in the gym, or training in your van, the NUG is your perfect companion.

Edge Sizes: 40mm Jug, 25mm Round Edge, 20mm Classic Edge, 13mm Edge, 8mm In-Cut Edge, 60mm Pinch

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Lightweight and Portable

The NUG can go with you anywhere. It covers all of your hangboard essentials in the smallest design possible. The entire setup weighs less than one climbing shoe.

Built for Training

The NUG is built for training with a short cord for a compact feel. It works equally well for lifting, hanging, or pulling with a sling around your foot. We thought of everything. 

Hear from Steven Dimmitt, host of The Nugget Podcast, on why he loves The NUG.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't.

40mm Jug: Ideal for warming up and for one-arm training, especially if you're progressing to a 25mm edge.

25mm Round Edge: Features a comfortable radius, perfect for loading heavy, or 3, 2 or even 1 finger training.

20mm Classic Edge: Popular for its versatility in training and finger strength testing.

13mm Edge: Provides an intense crimp training experience without relying on conditions.

8mm In-Cut Edge: Sharp and realistic, great for toughening your skin and preparing for sharp crimps.

60mm Pinch: Perfect for pinch training, whether attached to a loading pin or wrapped around a kettlebell.

Designed to be Used With a Sling and Carabiner

We recommend upgrading your order with our sling and carabiner to level up your warm-up or training routine.

The sling is perfect for lashing around weights or a tree branch, hanging from a bolt at the crag, or for looping around your foot for warm-ups.