Frictitious Climbing's YouTube Collaborations

This page is dedicated to some of my favorite YouTube collaborations and videos, check them out! 

Geek Climber using our old Pinch Block:

My favorite thing about this video is Geek Climber's dedication to the training, overall psyche and of course the awesome input from renowned climbing coach and author Eric Horst. I had some direct communication with Eric Horst over the course of this video's creation and took that feedback to develop The Pinch of today. 


Geek Climber trying "Max Pulls" featuring @C4HP (Tyler Nelson)

 Another awesome video from Geek Climber features our Port-A-Boards and our old doorway mount design! Tyler Nelson (@C4HP on Instagram) is one of our absolute favorite training resources here at Frictitious, I've actually attended one of his finger strength training online courses! If you need rehab protocols or general training ideas, CHECK HIM OUT. 

Geek Climber testing his finger strength against some pro climbers

Perhaps this wasn't the most scientific approach to testing finger strength, but it was all around fun. We use the shown "crane scale" here at Frictitious in combination with our Port-A-Boards to do finger strength assessments on ourselves and other climbers. We even integrate the crane scale into our finger strength training sometimes (another brilliant idea that came from Tyler Nelson). When you get the set up right, using a crane scale and a grip strength trainer like our Port-A-Boards is highly accurate and repeatable way to measure finger strength gains. 

Geek Climber's Rehab

Perhaps too many days pushing it on the Moonboard in a row got Geek Climber injured, but luckily Hooper's Beta (another YT channel run by Dr. Hooper and has tons of great content on training and rehabbing) was there to coach Geek Climber through some rehab. Farmer Crimps are a great way to load your injured fingers in a safe and controlled manner to help them get back to strength. Check it out!

Geek Climber, Rockentry, and Garret (Frictitious Founder) try different training boards


Probably my favorite video, because I got to participate! This is actually at my home gym Whetstone here in Fort Collins, CO where they have a Kilter, Moon and Tension board! This was super fun, even if we maybe didn't pick the best comparison problems, it at least highlights the different styles of the boards. My favorite board is still the Moonboard but I've been climbing a good bit on the Kilter and Tension lately and they are very fun in their own ways. 

Hooper's Beta 10 Minute Outdoor Climbing Warm Up Routine: 

Hooper's Beta is a hilarious YouTube channel, with tons of useful information. He shows off our Easy Board for warming up your digits at the crag. My favorite thing about this routine is how quick easy and effective it is! 


Bryan's Bomber Beta "Easy Board" review:


We had never heard of Bryan before, but then this video popped up one day and we loved it! Bryan's one of the most psyched outdoor boulderers on the internet, and he's got some really insightful and down to earth videos about progression, training, mindset and more. 


Thanks for checking out some of our favorite YouTube collaborations! 

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