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Easy Board

Easy Board

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Everything you need, nothing you don't. The OG Easy Board

Sold out - Check out the Easy Board's bigger, badder brother, the EZ Board.

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  • 12, 20, 35mm Edges 
  • Full width jug
  • 6mm Climbing Chord
  • Mountable and portable


The Easy Board includes two keyhole slots, these interlock with the pins on the mounting board. Our mounting system let's you mount the Easy Board in 2 orientations: 

  • Mount it upward to warm up on the large jug on top, doubling as a sloping 35mm edge - perfect for open hand training like 3 finger drags, 2 finger pocket training, or even monos. 
  • Flip it over and access to the smooth 20mm edge.
  • Flip it back again, and engage your crimping on the 12mm edge
  • The custom contours of the 20mm and 35mm edges allow you to also train pockets or open-hand on them by hanging with 3, 2, or 1 finger.

The Essentials

All features are accessible in both the mounted and portable mode. The cord loop pulls out either side so you can hang it right side up or upside down. Hang this board from a tree, do isometrics by pulling with the loop around your feet, warm up at the crag before climbing, get creative!

After realizing we were only using 2 edge sizes on our larger hangboards here at our shop again and again, we set out to create something simpler, less wasteful, and more to the point. The selection of edges on this board allow you to warm up and get the exact stimulus your fingers need to get stronger, anywhere. 

Easy Board Demo Video:


Hard Wood Maple


18.5" x 4" x 1.5"

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