• The Port-A-Edges
  • The Port-A-Edges
  • The Port-A-Edges
  • The Port-A-Edges
  • The Port-A-Edges
  • The Port-A-Edges
  • The Port-A-Edges

The Port-A-Edges

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The most functional hangboard set on the market just got a new look. To be used at home, on the road, or at the crag, these climbing tools will let you consistently improve your finger strength  ~anywhere~ while progressing on their 6 edge sizes.

We took the most essential features of a regular hangboard and incorporated them into two ultra compact rungs (by splitting the pockets into 2 depths) to create a tool every climber should have in their arsenal. Whichever edge depth labels are facing up are available for you to hang from/pull on, simply flip them through their cords to gain access to the other side. The cord routing allows adjustments but maintains plenty of friction to keep them from rotating when loaded. 

No matter your level, the Port-A-Edges are versatile enough to create the stimulus you need to get stronger fingers... anywhere. 

2 Identical Rungs:

  • 6 labeled edge sizes: 10mm, 9mm (In-Cut @ 14°), 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm 
  • Round design: jug (for pulling exercises) 
  • Mono Pocket: 25mm (hang vertically!)
  • 4mm rated cording
  • Brass inserts to prevent wear


  • Fully featured hangboard
  • Superb portability (units measure 2.5" diameter and about 5.75" long)
  • No-Hang device (pick up weights with your digits) 
  • Warm up at the crag via hangs or sit-pulls
  • Extend one loop fully out to function as a basic TRX 


No need for extra slings or biners, just loop them through their cords around any safe support, weight, or your feet to unlock their training potential. 

Approx. Dimensions: 6" x 2" x1.5" 

Wood: Poplar



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