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Hangboard Doorway Mount

Hangboard Doorway Mount

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Take 20% off any of our hangboards when purchased with the doorway mount (auto applies when you add both to your cart)! 

The Ultimate Training Platform: 

  • Mount your hangboard in the majority of doorways
  • Damage free with our rubber backed padding
  • Totally rigid, NO "sagging" or "bending"
  • We can preinstall any of our hangboards to the mount so you don't even need to own a drill to get training! (email us post-order)


What's Included:

  • Front mounting board (simply screw in your hangboard here)
  • 2 brackets, 2 hooks, hardware
  • Rubber pads to completely protect your trim


How It Works:

  • Screw in your hangboard to the front mounting board (or have us install one of ours for you!) 
  • Assemble the mount: all you need is a screw driver and 5 minutes
  • Put in your doorway: lift it up, hook onto the back trim, and tighten the black knobs. They'll securely clamp the mount to the entire doorway, locking it in place and distributing force through the entire frame. Take it down in seconds. 



  • The standard size will fit most doorways, but you need to measure your doorway to ensure fitment - please consult our user manual for details. 
  • The user manual will help you choose between the standard and WIDE versions


      Email us: 

      • A photo of your doorway if you have any doubt about fitment!
      •  Ask us to pre-install any of our hangboards you purchase with the doorway mount so when it arrives, you won't need any tools to install.



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