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Order your mount here, and receive 20% off any of our hangboards (auto applies when you add both to your cart)! 

Our patent pending door mount for hangboards is more than just a drywall saver. It allows you to:

  • Mount in any doorway that accommodates the mount, damage free
  • Mount your hangboard without drilling holes
  • Mount in doorways without clearance between the top trim and ceiling for a hangboard
  • We can preinstall any of our hangboards to the mount so you don't even need to own a drill to get training! (see below for details)

What's included:

  • Full sized front mounting board which fits the majority of hangboards
    • main rectangle measures 10.25" high x 28" wide (36" total width)
  • 2 brackets
  • 2 rotating hooks 
  • necessary hardware for assembly
  • Rubber pads to completely protect your trim

How it works:

The large front board is 3/4" thick baltic birch and incorporates recessed pockets for the hardware so you can use the entire space to mount the majority of hangboards or other training implements. 

The two back hooks rotate and attach to your trim and the whole system is rigidly and securely locked in place by tightening the knobs. The hooks can be adjusted so the mount can fit most doorways you'll encounter. 

All you need is a screw driver to assemble, after that, set up and take down takes seconds. 

If you wish, you can email us when you place your order and we'll pre-install your board of choice to the doorway mount so when it arrives, you won't need to drill anything. 

Doorway fitment - what you need to measure:

  • Our doorway mount will fit the majority of interior doorways, but we recommend measuring your doorway to ensure fitment - please consult our user manual for details. 
  • The mount is designed to load your trim in the most optimal way possible, similar to portable pull up bars. We recommend you test your trim to ensure it's strong by weighting it with your fingers and check for signs of movement or creaking. If your trim is solid, you're good to go. Check our user manual for weight limit restrictions.

Selecting the Rotating Hook Size: 

  • We highly recommend consulting the user manual for details and complete requirements. 
  • The standard hooks will fit the majority of doorways. 
  • The large hooks are available for those with large trim. 
  • These are also sold separately for $20 as you can see in the drop down, this includes the hooks only, not the full mount. 


Email us(!): 

  • A photo of your doorway if you have any doubt about fitment!
  • If you wish, you can email us and we'll pre-install your board of choice to the doorway mount so when it arrives, you won't need any tools at all to install.


We're super excited about this product, because we use it ourselves, and have solved the issue of hangboard mounting for many of our friends who tested the product for us. With a proper doorframe, explosive pull ups are not a problem at all. 

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