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The Port-A-Edges: Origin Story of the Portable Hangboard by Frictitious

The Port-A-Edges were conceptualized while on a spring ski trip in Jackson Hole when I found myself hanging from a door frame desperately trying to keep my finger strength up... it was a scene from Cliffhanger. Anyways, I was returning to Indiana the following week and our crew had big plans in the Red River Gorge.

Shopping around for portable hangboards made me realize that most of them are a little to big to comfortably travel with and often don't include more than 2 edge sizes. So, I designed one. 

My finger strength improvements have come through consistent minimum edge hangboard protocols and lead me to develop what I hope you'll find to be a highly capable and super portable set of finger training devices you can set up just about anywhere! Meet the new portable hangboard: 

The key to making finger strength gains for me has been consistency. Whenever I have an easy day climbing outside, I hangboard. If I can't make it to the gym, I hangboard. This has dramatically improved my finger strength and has increased my confidence on smaller and smaller crimps at the crag. 

Consistency is king. Travel, life and a multitude of factors distract one from making gains, specifically in isometric finger strength exercises. This is where The Port-A-Edges come in. By incorporating 6 edge sizes, a mono pocket, plus a jug into a compact unit, and a cord system that can be rigged up anywhere, we're giving you the opportunity to consistently improve and progress finger strength before send-season comes around. 

chimp crimp portable hangboard

In conclusion, The Port-A-Edges are literally all you need to progress your finger and full body strength. Their six edges allow for measurable progression. They can be rigged anywhere: on the go, and at home and in either a regular hanging/pull up configuration, TRX set up, or to perform no-hangs, and seated pulls. At the most basic level, constantly training your upper body and fingers in the half crimp and open hand position will gain the you the most benefit on your next project. So get out there and pull hard next time your at the crag! 

. . .

See our blog post (out soon) including training regiments that you can execute with The Port-A-Edges anywhere you can hang em' (or even when you can't!). Also, see The Port-A-Edges Portable Hangboard Product Manual.

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