Real Rock Climbing Holds - Where to find the perfect rock

Frictitious Climbing is bringing real rocks and real friction into your climbing and training. We've set out to find the funnest and best rock that matches the rock at your favorite crags accross the United States. You'll be amazed at the functionality of real rocks as climbing holds when it comes to new shapes, styles, friction and just pure fun and organic climbing. 

When Frictitious Climbing was started, the biggest challenge we faced was finding rock that exhibited all the great qualities we were looking for. We've done the ground work to bring real rock into your gym and training. This is how we did it. 

To become a climbing hold, the rock needs to exude good texture, feel, shape and aesthetics that will make people want to jump on the wall and try hard! Being based out of Colorado, home to several famous crags, we knew the rock was out there. So how'd we hunt it down? Simple. We went climbing (and rock-hounding).  

Horsetooth Bouldering

We collected samples of rock all along the front range of Colorado near some of our favorite climbing locations including the sandstone at Horsetooth Reservoir, the quartz in The Poudre Canyon, granite from Boulder Canyon and Estes Park, and of course the limestone of Shelf Road. While climbing we noted specific characteristics of the climbing style, the hold shapes, sizes, friction, feel and what made it so much fun. Take Horsetooth Reservoir for example, known for it's giant block boulders made of bullet proof sandstone that seems to never polish. We set out to source the same rock, literally from the same geological feature that brought us the famous boulder routes establish as early as the 70's. 

Horsetooth Boulder

After collecting, inspecting, and of course climbing on our samples, we set out to find sources of the rock that were... legal. You can't collect rock from these areas for commercial use without a mining permit. We've been able to source our rock directly from some small, local mines in the surrounding areas to these crags in a legal manner that creates a win-win: we expose people to the rock unique to these areas without taking rocks from the crags themselves. 

Secondly, we needed to manufacture the rocks into climbing holds that were quality and could be used both in a commercial gym setting and on a home wall. Unfortunately rocks vary dramatically in hardness and brittleness. This is where our background in Mechanical Engineering kicked in. We've worked with local geologists and experts in the field to find the right rock, and we've used our expertise in manufacturing to turn these rocks into real rock climbing holds in an efficient and repeatable way to create the awesome selection we have today at a reasonable price. 

Every real rock hold we manufacture today has been hand selected for quality, looks, and properties that will bring you closer to the crags we love while training in the gym. If you're tired of getting outside and feeling like you can't hold on like you do on plastic, get a grip, and get yourself some real rock.

In the near future we hope to expand our selection to some of the more popular crags in the United States, so pay attention and be on the look out for our newest collections that might be from your favorite climbing area! See our Real Rock Climbing Hold Collections today. 


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